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  • Med ID Patch - Black Med ID Patch - Black Med ID Patch - Black

    Eleven 10®

    Med ID Patch - Black

    The Eleven 10® Medical ID Patch is a 2" x 4" or 3" x 8" identifier with Velcro® Hook backing designed to easily identify medical personnel. These can be used as uniform shoulder patches or small vest-front patches. The patches are made with Blue...

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  • SWAT-T™ Tourniquet SWAT-T™ Tourniquet

    TEMS Solutions, LLC

    SWAT-T™ Tourniquet

    The SWAT-Tourniquet™ is a unique and multipurpose dressing. Its name provides a description for usage Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck, but also the communities for whom it was developed - military and civilian Special Weapons and Tactics teams. These...

  • C-A-T® Tourniquet GEN 7

    North American Rescue®

    C-A-T® Tourniquet GEN 7

    The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the C-A-T® completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with...

  • SOF® Tourniquet (SOF®TT-W)

    Tactical Medical Solutions®

    SOF® Tourniquet (SOF®TT-W)

    The SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 is built upon its original ruggedness and durability, which was the result of an exhaustive 24-month research initiative compiling end-user research and laboratory studies. The tourniquet is comprised of high-strength,...

  • SOF® Tactical Tourniquet (SOF®TT)

    Tactical Medical Solutions®

    SOF® Tactical Tourniquet (SOF®TT)

    The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet is one of the top performing tourniquets currently available. It is the tourniquet of choice for many of the world's most elite and experienced warriors who have selected it for its outstanding ability to control severe...

  • Glove Pouch Glove Pouch Glove Pouch Glove Pouch Glove Pouch

    Eleven 10®

    Glove Pouch

    The Eleven 10® Glove Pouch can hold 2 to 3 pairs of exam gloves (depending on thickness of the gloves). It is designed for belt wear utilizing 2 VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps to accommodate a large duty belt. The pouch is made...

6 of 6 Items