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Triangular Bandage - ODG

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The North American Rescue® Triangular Bandage is used for the bandaging of wounds, the immobilization of fractures and dislocations, and as a sling for the support of an injured part of the body. Packaged for low cube space, the NAR Triangular Bandage is made of muslin cloth and comes with two safety pins to aid in bandage configuration and securing. Easily fits into any first aid kit or pocket and is a staple for basic bandaging or splinting.


  • Packaged for low cube space
  • Safety pins included for securing the bandage
  • Serves as a multipurpose field bandage
  • 37 x 37 x 52” triangle cut
Additional Info

Additional Info

1.7 oz
Dimensions (Packaged):
3.5" H x 2" W x 0.625" D
Available Colors:
Olive Drab